At esos pelillos dog grooming, the basic bathing service consists of 4 treatments.


No one would like to be an pet. Some people think that cutting the nails to dogs is humanizing them excessively. Well, then, in esos pelillos we humanize the animals. No one would be too kind to leave his nails as long as they would if they were never cut. And sometimes they make pain. Also, if they are not cut, they end up breaking, and that is still worse. What we think in esos pelillos is that carefully cut nails impact strongly on animal welfare.


Take away the sound of your ears. You have to be alert with the serum that is generated inside the ears of pets. In fact, also with ours, that of humans. In addition, with pets also often grows greasy hair that inoculates infections. It is not a pleasant task, and it is necessary to do it in a clean place, since the danger of infection is critical. Leo has enough experience in these treatments because Aire, its giant poodle, is one of the breeds that ears the hair, and Leo for a long time, already cared for these extremes.


It is clear, too, that not everything is joy. If one have to touch the poop, in esos pelillos, Leo does not have any kind of inconvenience roll up. One of the most fun tasks is the emptying of anal glands. This task, although usually not very pleasant, is a very positive intervention for the pet that when not done in time can cause many problems of infection in its digestive system.


Walking barefoot with the dirty feet, or worse, with small embedded scrubs does not look like a seductive idea. It is easy to understand that the risk of getting sick, or developing infections is important. You need to carefully clean the soles of the four legs so that the pet can walk calmly, and run and jump happy. For this reason, in the basic service that contemplates a bath of the body of the pet, there is a special addition to the soles of hands and feet. Because there are soaps that protect these parts both useful and also so delicate.